10 powerful instagram marketing tips

10 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram can be a game changer for your marketing efforts; it is a popular social network with a huge audience. Here are 10 tips maximize your business’ Instagram results:

1. Have a business account, which will give you access to Instagram tools not available with a personal account.

2. Know as much as possible about your target market so you can create content that is interesting to them.

3. Ensure your profile is optimized and worded carefully. Your bio may only contain 150 characters to describe what you do and why the person reading it should be interested.

4. Use a recognizable image for your profile picture such as your logo or a compelling photo that represents your business and what it does.

5. Include call-to-action buttons in your profile so your audience can engage with you from your profile page.

6. Create visually interesting posts. People scroll through looking for images that intrigue them so you need to be sure your photos, videos and graphical images look terrific.

7. Engage with your audience by responding to their comments.

8. Use hashtags wisely. You can use up to 30 hashtags, best practices suggest five to nine is optimal – more makes you look like a spammer.

9. Include a link to your website or offer landing page in your bio, which is the only place it’s possible to include a clickable link.

10. Pay attention to your analytics. Do more of what is working and adjust strategies that aren’t returning results.