14 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

14 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch One of the strategies a firm can employ to achieve success is to connect itself with its audience; presently, customers watch countless video content than ever before.
• 93% of firms claim to acquire new clients because of their video content.
• 85% of internet consumers watch video content in the U.S every month.
Types of Video Contents
Firms use these videos to provide their brand with a cost-effective platform to generate an exceptional brand voice that matches the target market. Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is an expert at this on his YouTube vlog DailyVee.
Behind – the – Scenes
They are used to reveal the firm’s culture to demonstrate its staff and the workplace environment. These videos permit clients to create a connection with the firm’s brand. Vistaprint is a good example.
Firms use these videos to disclose exclusive information for the viewers; the more the firm does more interview videos, the more credibility it gains through brand association.
Companies use webinars to educate their audiences and provide actionable advice. Webinar videos are considered effective in modern marketing.
They are polished videos that comprise multiple videos rolled together; firms use them to foster brand recognition quickly.
These videos enable companies to target a small but attentive audience; they are recorded and shared on social media to create a buzz online.
Organizations use these videos to convince and explain to their audience how to use their product or services. A good example is how Michelle Phan attained a net worth of $50M through YouTube tutorials.
Product Review
Firms use these videos after establishing trust with their audience; they answer questions, dismiss doubts, and show exceptional benefits their products offer.
Companies use these videos to reach actual customers by having one of their satisfied customers explain how happy he/she was with their brand. 88% of customers trust reviews.
Live Streaming
Live videos create a desire for audiences; companies use these videos to broadcast an event or launching new products because analysis shows that live videos create up to 10x more engagement than regular videos.
Brand Film
They are long video content used by firms to dive deep into their brand values and vision; it is done through brand storytelling to present the brand in a light that attracts audiences.
If a firm has good prizes, it uses this video alongside other videos like the live stream to rapidly spread brand awareness and attract an audience.
Personalized Videos
Companies use these videos to emphasize customers more because 80% of online clients tend to purchase from an organization that provides a personalized experience.

Currently, if a firm doesn’t use video content, it is not just missing massive opportunities to connect with the audience but also losing serious ground to its competitors.