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How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB messenger chatbots

How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB Messenger chatbots

Facebook Messenger chatbots help businesses increase revenue by automating customer service. Companies can learn how to build effective chatbots by following these five tips.

Use unambiguous words
Do not put idioms in the chatbot because international users may not understand. Use simple words with singular meanings. Otherwise, companies will confuse and frustrate customers.

Create guided conversations
Start with a general open-ended question with multiple answer options. Create more questions and answers for each option. Use flowcharts and think logically about what the customer wants.

Do not spam
Let users reach out if they have a question or issue. Do not bombard customers with promotions. They will not appreciate the endless phone notifications and will turn the chatbot off.

Offer alternative communication channels
Chatbots are most effective with simple requests. Customers may want to speak with a human if they need to resolve complex issues. Therefore, businesses need to display phone numbers and email addresses on their websites.

Ask for feedback
Companies can analyze data to optimize their chatbots. They can ask customers about their experiences. Customers can give numeric ratings and write open-ended responses. Companies can then use this information to improve the chatbot and satisfy future customers.

By following these five tips, businesses will be able to build productive chatbots and offer high-quality customer service.


How Affiliate Marketing Can Catapult your Business Sales and Revenue

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Affiliate marketing is a sales strategy that enables businesses to increase revenue by utilizing independent marketers called affiliates. Affiliates receive a commission when users click on referral links and make purchases. There are three reasons why businesses should work with affiliate marketers if they want to dramatically increase their sales.

Performance-based compensation
Affiliates only get paid when they sell products. They are incentivized to sell as many products as they can. Aligning performance with compensation ensures that affiliates have the same goals as the company. This approach creates a results-driven culture and eliminates unnecessary costs. Companies do not have to rely on hourly-wage employees who may not even contribute to corporate income.

Business relationships with influencers
Influencers use affiliate marketing to monetize their online popularity. Followers listen when influencers recommend products. This is because influencers spend years cultivating authentic relationships with their viewers. Fans listen to their role models and what they have to say. Thus, businesses should reach out to influencers and tell them about affiliate opportunities.

Time management
Businesses need to create innovative products and let people know about them. By using affiliate marketing, companies can let talented marketers take care of the sales side. Creative founders can then focus their undivided attention on creating good products.

Affiliate marketing creates a virtuous cycle with sales in the center. This is how businesses can catapult their revenue.


How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages with Paid Ads Data

How to Improve E-Commerce Landing Pages with Paid Ads Data

E-commerce relies heavily on paid advertising. The scalability of content marketing and marketing through email indeed offer great returns to website owners. It is crucial to run a chain of online marketing drives to maximize your website’s advertising goal. The returns gained through paid advertising are practically instantaneous since it allows for great targeting.

Importance of A/B Testing

Currently, marketers can gather endless virtual streams of data concerning user interaction through many integrated platforms. If you are not applying these effectively as a marketer, you cannot spot areas that need improvement, thereby negatively affecting the business. E-commerce optimization is essential but takes time since it relies on client feedback. The following are landing page elements that should be tested.

  • Descriptions on product
  • Special offers placement
  • Hero images
  • Call to action text
  • Page headline

First Method (Cheap and effective testing channel)

This method entails running two paid ads concurrently while linking them to two occurrences on the landing page. Several challenges exist for marketers who may be willing to do A/B testing on a landing page. This method can help overcome some of the challenges in the following ways:

  • Arriving at a substantial sample size: subject-input dependent tests require a bigger sample size to give relevant statistics. An A/B test trigger that can reach many people without them knowing their reaction is being analyzed is the best approach here.
  • Turnaround time: Applying paid advertisements to get test subjects needs time in minutes before users’ awareness of the test.

The test variable also needs to be kept at the utter minimum to gather accurate knowledge. To achieve this, the advertisement content that links to the two landing pages should be identical.

Second Method (An alternative to testing)

This method is applicable on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where the advertisements can be easily combined with visual aids like videos and images. In this method, at least two versions of the same ad are created with only a slight design difference. The other UX elements can be kept different across the ads. Facebook and Instagram take up about 70% of the marketing sector, with most businesses preferring to advertise on these platforms.

In conclusion, e-commerce businesses should commit to constant improvement of landing pages to avoid lower ROI associated with other marketing approaches. There is no need to create new marketing channels as the existing ones can easily be improved