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Legal Marketing Strategy Guide For Law Firm Offices


With so much competition taking place in the legal marketplace, it’s important for law firms to develop effective marketing strategies that yield results. To truly stand out from other law firms, strategic planning must be developed and implemented in multiple digital marketing areas. Some of the most critical strategies needed to maximize exposure and growth include areas such as branding, digital advertising, lead generation strategies, tracking tools and more.

If you’d like to implement more digital marketing strategies to grow your law firm, read further to learn more. I’ll show you the latest digital marketing strategies that are most beneficial for today’s law firm.

The Importance of Working with an Experienced Marketing Agency

As digital marketing experts, has assisted many companies in growing their business through the use of digital marketing services. In this guide, I not only walk you through various digital marketing strategies that are needed to grow your business, but I also show you the best ways that these strategies should be deployed. In other words, I’ll point out why it’s important to lay the right foundation early on.

The tactics, strategies, and methods that appear in this guide are currently deployed and actively being used on other top law firms across the united states.

Branding and Getting Exposure

To lay a great foundation for your law firm, it’s important to start by building a brand for your business.

Your brand consists of a variety of components that represent your law firm‘s image. Including your logo and the use of the right marketing messages.

Having the right marketing messages sprinkled throughout the Internet can reflect what your company stands for, such as:

– your mission and your purpose
– your philosophy and values
– how your clients can benefit from using your services
– the quality of your work and
-other key components that best represents your company

One of the best ways to brand yourself is to be ubiquitous in and omnipresent in order to keep top of mind awareness. Someone may not need you today but when they will when they need you.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your UPS, short for unique selling proposition lets your audience know your law firm is different and unique from other firms. A unique selling proposition differentiations yourself in your marketplace and often times is an important step that’s overlooked.

Create Authority and Build Credibility

Your brand should also consist of ways that demonstrate your authority and build credibility. For example, one way you can build credibility is by leveraging content marketing. We have seen a lot of success in developing high quality relevant and factual based content around issues consumers face within the legal field. By providing detailed advice topically relevant to what your prospects are searching for can help you be found, build credibility and reinforce your authority on the subject matter.

Red Wagon Agency is experts at legal content marketing for law firms and has a long history building credibility and brand authority within the legal space.

Use Your Value Proposition to Help Build Your Brand

Develop clear messages about why your target audience should hire your law firm. It should show your core values are important to your firm and your customers.

What You Do Differently From Other Law Firms

It’s important to go the extra mile to show potential customers not only what you offer, but what you do differently from other law firms.

Content Development

Since over 90% of consumers research information online prior to making a purchase, it’s important to saturate the Internet with quality content based on information that they would typically be searching for. This would be

– information surrounding your legal service areas
– answers to questions, and
– detailed information about the services that you provide

You can also create information that puts your client’s mind at ease and by reassuring them that your firm is aware of their problems and that you are capable of assisting.

Types of Content Options

When developing content, be sure to include common content development strategies that your target audience expect; such as:

Web Pages: informative information that covers a variety of subjects, including

– the benefits of using your law firm
– cases that you’ve solved in the past
– FAQs (frequently asked questions) that often come up in your area of specialty

Blogs: Create blogs that address a wide variety of areas within your area of specialty.

Case studies: Develo case studies that best reflect common cases that your clientele is faced with and how your company resolved them.

White Papers – The use of white papers not only builds credibility but it also is a great way to display your knowledge about a particular subject area.

Newsletters – including a newsletter or making a newsletter a part of your normal marketing strategy allows you to keep your audience informed about a variety of issues on an on-going basis.

Content Management

Once you have developed a content development strategy, a content management strategy should be developed whereby you can strategically launch each of these marketing activities in a very systematic and streamlined manner. Here’s what I mean, if your law firm uses an editorial calendar, then you can, together with a marketing agency such as, you can determine the best time to develop and release online content.

This process is very important and needs to be managed by a professional marketing agency. Mainly, based on managing content that is timely and relevant. Whenever its best to for the content to be placed on the editorial calendar and scheduled for release.

At, we can assist your law firm with developing the right content to be released at the most appropriate time to maximize your exposure at the most effective time of the year.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is something that attorneys should embrace and make a part of their overall marketing campaign. It involves the use of various social media platforms that are available today to promote your legal services. What’s important is to determine which social media platforms are used most by your target audience. This is important when developing social media post and images designed to reach your audience – you will want to advertise and spend your marketing efforts on those particular platforms.


SEO short for search engine optimization is another critical component needed that needs to be a part of your overall marketing strategy. It helps your websites to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing

Basically search engine optimization consists of the practice of ensuring that your web pages show up in popular search engines. When potential clients are searching for law firms that provide the services that you offer.

Here’s how search engine optimization can assist you a lot firm; it allows you to capture new clients organically when your web content blogs and other online content is well optimized. What that means is that when they enter keywords or key terms into the search engine your law firm will appear in the search results m. The ideal, however, is to rank high on the search pages, which can be done with the assistance of well-trained marketing agencies such as

Local SEO

Local SCO is also extremely important for your law firm. It consists of the practice of ensuring that your company ranks high during local searches. What that means is that unlike a normal surge that typically brings up national results, local SCO focuses on law offices in your local area.

When potential customer’s search for local law firm’s in your geographical location, the information is typically generated from places such as Google my business, google maps and other local search options.

Paid Lead Generation Options

Of course, there are other ways for attorneys to generate leads through paid options as well. Particularly through the following.

Top legal directories

FindLaw websites
Best Lawyers
Law Guru
Law Info and more

Online Ads

Creating law related ads can also be very beneficial to attorneys as well. Such as advertising on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Advertising on other platforms such as YouTube is another great platform to place ads . In addition to that, creating YouTube videos is very effective for attorneys. Not only does it appear on the YouTube platform, but it appears on a wide variety of other social media platforms as well including your own website. In fact, videos are one of the most shared formats used for providing information online. It allows you to develop video marketing strategies designed specifically for attorneys.

Native Advertising With Connected TV

Native advertising is a new were online format that focuses on enhancing the users experience all while increasing awareness. It is also a form of brand advertising which meets the growing demand four a better form of advertising that is mutually beneficial to both you and your audience.

Native advertising is also a form of audience targeting in that you can reach your target audience wherever they are by using techniques such as connected TV. If you are not familiar with connect to TV, it is a television that is also connected to the Internet which allows streaming videos and advertisements designed specifically to reach your target audience without fail. Why is this method so why are we so confident in this method of advertising? Because it allows your law firm to run ads across the TV screen – further in Hensing the overall target marketing efforts.

Audience targeting using dmp’s and dsps,

It’s also very another great strategy for attorneys to use is to target their audience by using both DMP and DPS

DMP, short for Digital management platform is a technology platform that is centralized and unified designed to organize, collect and activate huge amounts of data from various sources. Afterwards, this information goes through an analytic process to hone in on actually targeted audiences as opposed to look-alike audiences.

where as DSP, short for Demand side platform is a system that K’NEX data exchange in supply site platforms with media buyers by using one single interface. In essence, it acts as a middleman between publishers and media buyers. Or as a means to allow inventory to be bought and sold so to speak.

Although both methods seem somewhat overwhelming, the idea behind these models is to analyze the behavior of your true target audience to better determine which profiles best reflect your audience actions and purchasing decisions.

local seo, content marketing, social media marketing, paid social on facebook snapchat, radio, television, billboards, email marketing and automation,

CRM integration

It’s also important for law firms to invest in CRM strategies. CRM, short for customer relations management is a technique that can be used to manage your data and track initial advertising sources. For example, as a law firm you can use
CRM integration with a reputable company such as hubspot or the use of other online tools to track where sales originate from, then track them back to various media sources. Is this is especially important to determine which strategies are working and which are not performing very well. It also helps you to determine which marketing methods and media sources provide the greatest ROI to your company.

conversion rate optimization

Teen conversion rate optimization strategies into your overall marketing plan allows attorneys to increase the amount of visitors to a website that ultimately converts into converts from a lead to a paying customer. The method also consist of developing strategies to increase the likelihood that potential customers take the necessary actions on the web page to convert. To a paying customer.

evergreen content/content generation and

The development of evergreen content allows attorneys to produce certain type of content that will be of interest to readers at all times. In other words the content is not based on a specific trend that comes and goes, but rather is based on content that is relevant on an ongoing basis. It gets his term evergreen from evergreen trees tha Maintain their leaves all throughout the year.