Search engine optimization is the process of placing ads within Google’s search and display network. You get charged every time a visitor clicks on your ad. Pay per click marketing is the quickest way to start generating more phone calls, form fills, conversions and sales for your business and focuses on immediate results. Red Wagon Digital is a Google Premier Partner and company certified AdWords and Bing provider.

What is Paid Search Advertising?

Paid search advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a form of search engine marketing where advertisers bid on keywords that their customers are most likely to type in. This is done via Google and Bing’s auction system which defines the going rate for a cost per click. Paid search marketing allows you to be present for those relevant searches, in real time. No waiting like you would with SEO.

How Can Pay Per Click Marketing Help My Business?

Paid search marketing gives you immediate brand ubiquity for the keywords that your customers are searching for. PPC immediately drives targeted qualified calls, leads and sales to your business while defining your cost per acquisition. We work with our clients to not just discover their marketing costs but strive to drive that cost down while increasing sales.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has always been a consistent inbound marketing strategy that drives business goals. Improving key elements of your website can catapult your site to better rankings but how we do it is why you want Red Wagon doing your SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, folder and URL structures, crawlability and indexing issues and more. The goal of a search engine optimization campaign is to produce consistently high-ranking pages for your site in the “organic” (also called “natural” or “algorithmic”) search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We Are Better Because We Do it Better

Most companies will generate a list of long and short tail keywords they want to try and rank you for. Over the course of working with them they may generate you rankings but that doesn’t turn into leads or qualified traffic. We think that’s an irresponsible way of utilizing this tactic.

We first analyze your Google Analytics data along with any past paid media data in order to discover what keywords actually drive your business goals. From there we develop a holistic SEO strategy that will produce more results.





Television Advertising

Television has become hyper segmented which has created a sophisticated buying process and more result driven products. Television advertising is powerful and can communicate to people using multiple sensory input which makes television advertising very dynamic and high impact on the consumer. What our clients love about us is our ability to create commercials that invoke emotion and reaction from our customers target audience. We expand the effectiveness of this medium when combining a digital marketing campaign which allows further track-ability and measuring of your television advertising dollars. We have developed several proprietary ways of connecting offline and online media data in order to optimize traditional media buys.

What is Television Advertising?

Television drastically fragmented once the emergence of cable TV came in the late 70’s early 80’s. We went from a handful of channels to hundreds in what seemed like a snap of a finger. With the explosion of channels comes better audience segmentation. Better audience segmentation means better results for your campaigns. TV ads can consist of 15’s-30’s-60’s seconds and go into longer formats from a couple minutes to a full length TV show called an infomercial. Television ads can be bought locally, nationally or internationally and should always be bought with frequency in mind.

How Can Television Advertising Help My Business?

How we watch television continues to change. TV is not just watched at home, it is also watch on mobile devices and computers. TV ads are a great tactic in order to get massive brand ubiquity and exposure for your sale, promotion, event and drive leads. We can track your traditional television ads through our digital campaigns in order to drive better traditional marketing decisions. At the end of the day, this get’s you better results.


The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with Influencer Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Marketing can be really frustrating for most entrepreneurs. From knowing how to speak your audience’s language to trying to figure out what marketing strategies will work, the responsibilities are endless. However, you don’t have to be frustrated. Influencer marketing is one of the best new ways to boost your return on investment (ROI) and brand awareness. With this ultimate guide, you’ll be able to understand influencer marketing fully.

  • What is influencer marketing?

It’s a strategy used by entrepreneurs to promote their businesses’ products and services by partnering with popular social media influencers. The audience that influencers have can help build your brand’s credibility and increase sales. Some of the benefits of influencer marketing include: getting through to a bigger audience, boosting sales and site traffic, acquiring more leads, and increasing social following. It’s normal for people to want to try a product or service when they see a celebrity using it.

  • How to know which influencers to recruit

The main thing you should look at when finding influencers to work with is not the number of followers, that’s still important, but follower loyalty matters more. For example, you’d discover accounts on Instagram where a person has a million followers, but they only get very few likes on their posts. That shows there isn’t follower loyalty. If you work with such a person because of their following, no one will buy your product. A significant influencer is someone who gets enough likes, comments, and full engagement on their posts. Engagement is the main thing you should look at before choosing an influencer. The best way you can also leverage influencer marketing by paying influencers directly per post.

  • How you can attain maximum ROI with influencers

As we mentioned earlier, when looking for an influencer, you look at the likes and comments they get rather than the number of followers they have. This is because you should ensure that for smaller audiences of between 10,000-20,000 followers, the ratio should be above 5%. The ratio should be at least 3% for audiences with more than 20,000 followers. When you have such engagement, you can be confident that you’re dealing with the right crowd. The next thing is to negotiate and buy as many posts as possible in bulk packages. Do this consistently over time and not just one-offs. If you pay one influencer to market your product, it might not do so well. However, if you pay different influencers consistently for six months to a year, a movement is created, and your products and services have more impact.

  • How influencer marketing will grow your business

One of the most effective marketing strategies is referrals. If someone you trust or know suggests a particular service or product offers practical solutions, you’ll most likely purchase it. That’s the same case with influencer marketing. If an influencer tells their followers that your product works, they’ll buy it because they trust the influencer and need your product. The marketer provides a discount code, particularly for the influencer’s followers, to track the campaign’s effectiveness. The following statistics show the effectiveness of influencer marketing:

  1. a) 70% of YouTube subscribers who are teenagers trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.
    b) 49% of consumers in the market depend on the opinions and recommendations from influencers.
    c) For every $1 a business invests in influencer marketing generates $5.20.
    d) 89% of marketers say that the ROI they get from influencer marketing is better than other marketing strategies.
  • Where to find influencers

Whatever industry you’re in, there are platforms you can find influencers on. Famebit is an influencer marketing platform to find any influencer you need.