7 Content Marketing Hacks to Crush it in 2019

We look at content marketing, not as the tip of the spear, but as the weight of the spear. Every business should consider themselves a content development company because if you want to be successful in seo, paid media, email marketing or any other tactic, you need content.

The four P’s of marketing consist of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Promotion is a vital piece of business marketing and when we say promotion we don’t necessarily mean a discount or bogo offer.  This could be an ebook, a guide, a webinar and more. This content is what can be used across your different integrated marketing channels in order to drive traffic, leads and sales to your business.

We ran through several of the top content marketing strategies and tactics we have used over the years to bring you the best content marketing hacks for 2019.

Hack #1 – Seek and destroy

This is our version of the Sky scraper technique that I can over simplify for you now. The premise is to take a look at the first, second and third organically ranking content for a given search query and then create a piece of content that is 10x that of what is currently ranking for that search query.

Hack #2 – Create a lot of content

How much content should we create? I hear this all the time and my response is always the same, “A Lot”! Obviously this is dependent on client budget and at the end of the day the more quality pieces of content we have the more chances we have to rank for given search queries.

Hack #3 – Update your content

Googles algorithm looks at freshness as a factor for its ranking index. If you have content from 5 years ago thats talking about things that are out of date then Google will penalize you for this. Take a look at your content and update it where needed and we also suggest creating a more robust version of your most popular content.

Hack #4 – Be different

Creating unique selling propositions is something a lot of business owners know about. The same ideas and principles should be applied to creating content. You need to stand out from the crowd.

Hack #5 – Start a vlog

A vlog is the single most powerful option when creating content. Video has a lot of power to rank very well in search engines and its easily consumed. Below is a quick list of things you can do with a vlog:

  • strip the audio and create a podcast out of it
  • transcribe the audio and create a blog post
  • syndicate your vlog across multiple video sites for aggregation and link building
  • turn your vlog into an info graphic and submit them to infographic sites for link building
  • create power points from the vlog and submit to slide share sites
  • Create a webinar out of the vlog or an individual video
  • Repurpose the video to be embedded on your site with the transcript of the audio
  • Repurpose content to post on social media sites

As you can see there are a myriad of options once you start vlogging.  This is a tactic we have used and advise our clients to use because its a massive content generating machine and an important part of successfully hacking content marketing in 2019.

Hack #6 – Repurpose your content

Repurposing content is the single biggest hack you can start to integrate into your 2019 planning. If you have a lot of content, change the design, some text and repurpose the meat and potatoes of it. Example; let’s say you have a vegetarian recipe handbook that you are using to generate leads for affiliate marketing. Repurposing that content to now be a vegan recipe book would be pretty easy to do because the majority of the book already speaks to the vegan audience but may need small tweaks. Now instead of investing in a new ebook. Another example; lets say you have a video that is an instructional guide for your product. You can put that into just an audio file and submit to podcast sites, you can make an infographic out of it, you can make a pdf document out of the transcription and reuse this content in many different ways.

Hack #7 – Do keyword research

Keyword research is often overlooked and in our eyes, every good project begins with a clear plan using S.M.A.R.T. goals. We leverage keyword research for all of our clients and this helps us better understand what people are searching for, what content we may want to generate and it gives us an idea of the headline and keyword focus. We also can get an understanding of the type of traffic volume and competition. We extend this capability by leveraging a comprehensive competitive analysis report that helps us better understand the value of the keywords we are targeting.