7 SEO Hacks That Will Crush it in 2019

Anytime we get a chance to optimize a clients site we get really excited because we know that our clients are going to experience the results they are expecting.  During our 2019 planning we had a good round table discussion about what tactics are the most powerful way to crush it for our clients in 2019.

Hack #1 – SEO every page

This seems like something most people may already have thought of but in my experience from what I have seen this is not the case. In almost every case there has been areas of opportunity to optimize pages that have been missed. Having a site that is fully optimized will help the overall strength and domain of the site

Hack #2 – Make sure your site is crawl-able

a sites crawl-ability is the foundation of SEO. Google and other search engines send out robots to crawl website pages and then come back and report what they found. If your site has crawl-ability issues then the site you may have already optimized may not even be getting indexed and

Hack #3 – Utilize footer and side bar links

Important pages on your site can be bolstered for SEO and usability. To do this, leverage adding important pages into your sites footer and on the sidebar of your navigation.

Hack #4 – Leverage internal link architecture

Internal linking is one of the most overlooked link building options and it doesn’t cost anything. Ecommerce sites can really take advantage of this because they typically have a lot of variation of similar products that can all link back up to a main topic or category page. The same is true for lead gen sites but for this tactic to work you may need to invest into more content for your own website.

Hack #5 – Leverage micro data and Open Graph

Micro data and open graph code is an important part of SEO in 2019. Micro data helps google further understand the content on your site and it can even be used to change the way your organic listings look in Google. This is helpful because leveraging micro data can help increase your click through rate on organic rankings.

Open graph allows you to easily connect your site content into facebook or other social sites. This helps with integrating your content and seo into social media management. At the end of the day all of these tactics work together to create an ecosystem that drives business results.

Hack #6 – Get an SSL certificate

SSL certificates are not just for ecommerce anymore. Google has released updates to its algorithm that penalize sites that are not secure. This is true even if you are NOT selling a product. If you are doing lead gen you will want an SSL certificate for your site so you have more opportunities to rank higher for targeted search queries. The SSL certificate also helps build trust in users when they are on your site and they will feel safer giving you their personal information.

Hack #7 – Build your brand

Generating great content and building your brand is something that needs to be a continual process. This process should include content generation, site optimization/seo, internal linking and sharing via social media. Leveraging these tactics on a regular basis help keep your brand in top of mind awareness