7 types of interactive content – why and how to use them

Interactive content is content that prompts a user to engage and or interact with your target audience. It generates higher engagement rates, allows you to capture more data and builds brand loyalty. The next time that you are creating content, consider using these seven types of interactive content.

Interactive Infographics
When viewers scroll, click, unfold, pan or zoom to learn more information from an infographic, then you have created an interactive infographic. They are instrumental when you have a ton of information to share as you hold the viewer’s attention by allowing them to interact with the attractive visual display.

Interactive Video
Add mouseover elements, tags, hotspots and quizzes to encourage viewers to keep watching your video until the very end. It also increases the amount of content that the viewer will retain.

Polls and Surveys
You may be surprised by the amount of information you can gather about your target audience by creating a good one-question poll or a multi-question survey. Be sure to gauge how comfortable your audience will be about sharing their opinion. Realize that almost everyone loves to have their voice heard.

Interactive Calculators
Users appreciate the chance to enter personalized data into an interactive calculator to achieve an answer customized to them.

Assessments are a great way to guide users in the decision-making process. You can set up the answers so that they easily choose one of your products to help them solve their challenges.

Interactive E-books
Including hyperlinks, buttons, and dynamic call-to-actions in your e-book keeps readers engaged with your brand. These publications, along with whitepapers, are a great way to help your target audience explore a topic in-depth.

Drive opening rates by offering your target audience personalized emails containing embedded videos, polls, charts and games.

The next time you need to create content, choose from these seven types of interactive content.