9 factors that can immensely boost your local SEO

Local SEO is very important to any business that caters to a specific area. Here are 9 ways to boost your local SEO today so that you can make more money!

1. Use Google My Business: This will help you show up when someone looks for a service in your location and appear in Google Maps, which is super convenient for your potential customers.
2. Ask customers to review you: Especially repeat customers, patrons should be encouraged to leave a review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. if they appreciated your work.
3. Create local content: Capitalize on any local news stories, teams, or events when possible on your website.
4. Optimize for mobile: Most people searching for local content do it because they are already in their car, so they are on their phone.
5. Use local keywords: Have words about the area you service on your website.
6. Utilize location pages: If you serve multiple locations, each should have its own page so that people find them when they search for their specific area.
7. Submit your business to local directories: Yelp and FourSquare can help drive traffic to your business.
8. Improve your backlinks: Backlinks help a lot with getting your pages ranked, both locally and overall.
9. Create dedicated pages: Every unique service should have its own webpage so that you can capture long tail and different keywords.