9 Tools for Creating Effective Facebook Video Ads that Convert

Competent Tools for Making Facebook Video Ads that ConvertAccording to 67% of social advertisers, Facebook is considered the most efficient channel of marketing because its video ads can create;
• 270% more leads,
• 480% more clicks, and
• 25% more views
Creating Facebook video ads seems hard; several tools simplify the whole process, even to a new person.The InVideo
The InVideo tool has created confidence in making video ads on Facebook. An effective video ad needs to keep the following parameters;
• 6 seconds long
• Have subtitles, because 92% of persons watch with the sound off devices
• Include captions because 80% of consumers are more likely to watch with captionsThe Madgicx
One ad is never enough; the media buyers will always go back to create different versions. The Madgicx tool will be effective rather than designing new versions; this tool uses historical information to simplify and make ads that convert easily.Facebook Grid Image Checker
Facebook’s analysis found that ads with less than 20% text convert easily; therefore, Facebook will not approve ads with more than 20% text. This tool ensures that ads have less than 20% text.Unbounce
There must be a clear relevance between the ad and the landing page; both should have similar colour, style, language, etc. A good example is an ad and the landing page posted by SEMRush’s Marketplace. Therefore, this tool is necessary to ensure the association between the ad and the landing page.’Kyleads
Research shows that the average landing page converts are 4.02% and 6.1% in the highest-converting industry. This means that for every 100 visits, 94 people will not convert while 6 will. Several reasons will cause many people not to buy, but the most important thing is that they might buy in future. This tool helps solve this issue by setting up a pop-up with an opt-in and exit-intent option that converts buyers to an email subscription.Databox
It is tiresome to keep data for all tools and time consuming to move from one tool to another. This tool makes it simple to observe all data in one place. Therefore, it becomes easy to make necessary developments and increase conversion rates.Rebrandly
Retargeting is an extremely efficient way of increasing conversions; rebrandly is a link retargeting tool used to boost the retargeting reach even before clients visit the website