The Red Wagon

A time when “American made” meant quality. Vintage isn’t just cool, it reminds us of a time when we were great. Kids played with red wagons while their parents got us to the moon. That’s why we took on this symbolism and use it as a driving force in our culture.

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Our Team

Joseph Whyte


Joe has interviewed hundreds of top CEOs and marketers throughout his career and uses these learnings on his clients. Joe has cracked the code to tra-digital advertising which has grown his clients revenue by 10x. He has helped a failing school emerge as a 100$ million dollar business and helped thousands of business’s grow their revenue through unique, effective and results driven campaigns. Joe is a regular author on Pingzine, Search Marketing Standard, Search Engine Journal and many more.

Mike Eggleston

Mike Eggleston has been a developer for over thirty years. He believes that an application’s job is to get the task done, and not be in your way. His skills cover the front-end, back-end, and database design; fully embracing MVC and Responsive Design patterns.

Anna Fox

Social Media Marketing Manager

My name is Anna and I have over 20 years experience in customer service and over 4yrs in social media. I have created and manage several accounts have a great understanding of what is necessary for maintaining healthy social media pages and I am very passionate about what I do.

Rob Wallace

Sr. Creative Director

Rob is a master at conceptualizing and producing television ads and digital formats. From cinematic to fortune 500 business video needs, Rob has navigated and excelled. Rob’s work spans over two decades and his ability to craft creative and marketable videos has been award winning. When he’s not wondering where the best shot is or how the lighting is, he’s out fishing, hiking and staying adventurous.

Taylor Kurtz

Search Engine Optimization Director

With a passion centered around sports, Taylor has embraced Digital Marketing, SEO, and content development. He has attended business school and has a long history of crushing the rankings. Our resident SEO master guru will optimize your business for maximum top of mind awareness.

Mark Fast

Traditional Marketing and Sales Director

Mark has over 30 years working in traditional media and has fostered amazing relationships which has given him an extraordinary ability to buy media. Mark approaches all of his marketing with passion and expertly executed ability. Marks passion spreads throughout many things in his life and he plays the resident father to a “T“. He is always making sure everyone is taken care of and he will do the same for your campaigns.

Strategic Partners