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The Importance of Optimizing Your 404 Pages

A 404 error message is a response delivered via an HTML document indicating that the request was unable to communicate with the server. Usually this is caused by a request not being able to locate a file or a link is broken on a site.

4 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

4 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing has become a discipline unto its own. Many consumers today browse the Internet primarily through mobile devices, making it absolutely critical that digital marketers fine-tune their messaging to mobile devices. Here are a few ways you

How Affiliate Marketing Can Catapult your Business Sales and Revenue

Affiliate marketing is a sales strategy that enables businesses to increase revenue by utilizing independent marketers called affiliates. Affiliates receive a commission when users click on referral links and make purchases. There are three reasons why businesses should work with affiliate marketers if they want

301 Redirects | Why to Use Them and How Do They Work and etc. All of these URLs can be considered different URLs in the search engines which can mean trouble in the SERPs for your site. If people place links to each of these URLs then you are in essence building a link campaign for

Content Marketers Guide to Keyword Research

Why Keyword Research is So Important Now more than ever, content marketers find themselves scrambling to keep up with customer demand for more relevant information and balance this with the needs of the client to reach the right customer. Keyword research is key to striking

Do Nofollow Tags Really Pass Link Love?

First, what’s the reason for a nofollow tag? Perhaps there was a growing concern about comment spam in the search engine. Possibly to help eliminate Google bowling. Maybe to help these engines rank outbound link love more appropriately. From the looks on this graph, comment spam is

TikTok Marketing: How to Get Started with Ads on This Platform

How to Get Started with Ads on TikTok Marketing Social media has greatly contributed to the success of many organizations. TikTok is a social media platform that has taken advertisement to another level.TikTok Demographics • 59% of users select a video where text and video

How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB messenger chatbots

How E-commerce brands can drive sales with FB Messenger chatbots Facebook Messenger chatbots help businesses increase revenue by automating customer service. Companies can learn how to build effective chatbots by following these five tips. Use unambiguous words Do not put idioms in the chatbot because

11 Best Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Google Rankings

SEO tools are essential for completing marketing tasks precisely and quickly to help grow your brand online. The right SEO drives traffic to your business website and social media accounts. Many businesses that work on a strict budget will benefit highly from the free SEO