Content Marketers Guide to Keyword Research

Why Keyword Research is So Important

Now more than ever, content marketers find themselves scrambling to keep up with customer demand for more relevant information and balance this with the needs of the client to reach the right customer. Keyword research is key to striking this balance, and content marketers are depending more on both long and short tail keywords to drive traffic to the client’s site. Did you know that almost 90 percent of websites get no traffic from Google at all? This is because they’re not doing their keyword research, and they are creating content that nobody is searching for. Don’t be like them. Do your homework and get found.

Know Your Searcher

What exactly is your ideal customer searching for? Are they searching out the terms, “bakery in Los Angeles,” or “where can I get a birthday cake in Los Angeles?” Keyword research will tell you how easy or hard it will be to rank for that keyword, how long it has been trending and what type of content you will need to create to rank for that keyword. If your customer is searching for “housebreak a dog,” they probably want a step by step guide. This is what keyword research does. It puts you into the mind of your customer so you can deliver exactly what they are looking for every time.

Google has a whole suite of tools that will aid you in keyword research and help you to find exactly what you need. They will tell you what your competitors are doing and how you can better improve your results. Finding the right keywords is crucial to search success.