CRM Marketing to Attribute Revenue to Lead Sources CRM Marketing to Attribute Revenue to Lead Sources

If you are a business owner with a sizable marketing budget, then you’re probably concerned about properly attributing your sources of income to various online lead generation sources, such as YouTube, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, and so forth; and understandably so. This is a very important aspect of knowing whether or not your marketing efforts are effective. Sometimes it’s difficult to track these sources without a system in place that allows you to do so.
CRM solutions can help streamline your marketing efforts and keep better tabs on the performance of each strategy that’s been implemented.

What is CRM Marketing and Why is it Important?

Before we began talking about the importance of CRM, let’s first talk about what it is.
CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management is a process that allows business owners to manage each of their relationships associated with generating sales, along with the interactions between customers and potential customers. It has traditionally been associated with tracking lead sources that are linked to sales agents, but now it has expanded to also being able to track lead sources associated with digital marketing activity as well.

CRM marketing is also a business process that tracks the development of client relationships, brand value, new client acquisition and onboarding processes, and customer loyalty that has been built through the implementation of various marketing strategies and promotional activities.

CRM advertising, on the other hand, focusing on the customer experience, which when memorable, often creates a loyal customer. This process is also trackable when using a CRM solution.

Why it’s Important to Track Lead Sources Using a CRM

It used to be easier to track where sales were coming from when using traditional marketing strategies. However, in today’s digital marketing environment, it’s challenging to streamline and follow which online marketing activities resulted in conversions that generated a sale. This is what makes CRM so important, it allows you to have a better understanding of which marketing strategies and platforms yield the best performance. For example, as a business owner, you should know if most sales are coming from leads generated by Google Facebook, YouTube or other marketing channels. If you don’t then you could be losing money by continuing to develop marketing and advertising strategies that may not work. Basically. tracking your lead sources allows you to identify which marketing efforts are profitable for your business and which ones are not.

Optional CRM Tools That You Can Use To Track Leads

The following are optional CRM platforms for you to choose from.

– HubSpot
– Salesforce
– Zoho CRM
– PipelineDeals
– Nimble

Need the Assistance of an Expert Professional?

Managing all of the ins and outs of a CRM system can be very overwhelming for most business owners. It’s actually its own job in and of itself. CRM Marketing requires the expertise of a well-trained professional who can ensure your CRM process is effective, such as the They have years of CRM related marketing experience as well as CRM advertising experience. They have also been certified by Hubspot, an industry leader and certified partner in the digital marketing space. has also successfully used and integrated CRM solutions for hundreds of clients in the past.

Advantages of Using CRM Solutions

A CRM solution provides many advantages that can help streamline your efforts in ways you are probably unaware of. For example, implementing CRM solutions can

– Increase your ability to collaborate with others
– Acquire and maintain your strategic assets (your data)
– Improve your level of productivity and efficiency
– Streamline communications with customers
– Review ROI and make future marketing decisions accordingly

Here’s how we can assist. Because we are experts in this field, we can alleviate the responsibility and stress associated with developing and managing a CRM system so you can focus on running your business. We will help you become fully aware of what’s going on with your sales processes each step of the way. We will also provide you with backup information to verify the outcomes of your activities. is also highly skilled at providing both traditional and digital marketing strategies to generate ROI for clients. Contact them today to learn more.