Facebook: Changing the Way We Build Leads

Facebook lead ads give advertisers the opportunity to gather information and leads directly from mobile ads. It bypasses the need to get users to click-through, fill out a form and SUBMIT. Instead, in Facebook, once a user clicks on an ad, information like name and email will be pre-populated. You can set up customized form fields for accumulating information that fit business needs.

How Does This Work?

Test 1
Digital Marketer uses Website Conversions when running lead generation through Facebook. We performed extensive testing to see if that platform had greater benefits over traditional lead ad objectives. The first step was to see which platform generated the lowest per lead cost. Using identical ad copy, mobile placement and targeting, we set up campaigns in both conversion objective and lead ad objective situations. We optimized the campaigns and let them run for a week. In the end, Website Conversions ended up being 45% less costly than the Lead Ads and it generated almost twice the leads.

Test 2
We wanted to see which objective managed the lowest cost per lead. Again, we used the same criteria as Test 1, creating dual campaigns, one in each platform and optimized for freshly installed pixels. Each campaign ran for a week. The final results were the Website Conversions campaign ended up being 16% cheaper than the Lead Ads campaign. We also found the Website Conversions campaign produced close to eight times the number of leads.

The Conclusion?

The fact is there is no one solution for all situations. Despite our findings, different ad types and traffic platforms are going to perform differently for businesses under a myriad of circumstances. It is imperative that every marketer run their own tests before changing a platform. Keep in mind things like Lead Ads do not require a visit to your site, which can create a significant drop off in funneling.

The Facebook option is smartly engineered to generate leads, sales and to maximize the success of direct response marketing. Digital Marketers is always on the prowl for new and best ways to maximize traffic generation and conversion, and to increase engagement. While nothing’s perfect, we believe Facebook has created an exciting way for businesses to get leads while giving users less work to do. And that’s always a good thing.