Google Brings in a New Data Distribution Module to Adwords

Google recently announced an upcoming data- driven attribution model to AdWords. The change means that users can now allocate an attribution model to every conversion type that has been established in AdWords. As a result, nobody will be required to use last-click as a default setup for assigning conversion credits.

Google is planning to bring an entirely remodeled drop-down menu for the whole system that will allow you to assign any of the six attribution models to a particular conversion. This drop down menu will be available in conversion settings in Adwords since the attribution models can only be applicable for search engine campaigns.

This attribution model has been present in DoubleClick, Attribution 360 and Analytics 360 since it launched 2013. This model employs material learning technique to assign credit along the conversion path for each interaction. According to Google, the motive of the development is to optimize ad interactions, the order of the exposure and other factors that determine keywords for effective results.

Unfortunately, the newly modified data-driven attribution model can only be used by high-end accounts with more than 20,000 individual clicks. Google also requires the account to have at least 800 conversion rate within the last 30 days. You will get an alert if the conversion hits below 10,000 clicks or if you record 400 conversions over the last 30 days. The notification alerts you that there is no sufficient data for the model to work effectively. Continued depreciation in the conversion figures for the next 30 days will lead to account transformation from conversion action to the last-click model. The switching process from attribution model to last-click model will be effected by Google after a notification is sent to you.

However, the account can be restored to its full status whenever you decide to choose a new attribution model for a particular conversion type. Concurrently, Google will then start to assign a new credit accordingly in every conversion path. Finally, the bids that are automated will be adjusted in regard to the type of model chosen for the conversion process.

The new attribution model is still in a beta version, but it is expected to be fully functional soon. We will keep you abreast on the progress.