How to Create Buyer Personas For Your Business

How to Create Buyer Personas For Your Business

Successful marketing speaks to your target audience directly and in relatable terms. More than that, it conveys a message that is meaningful and even critical to their needs or lifestyle in various ways. Your marketing efforts also impact customer loyalty and retention. Successful marketing campaigns are essential to your company’s short-term and long-term profitability and viability. A critical aspect of successful marketing today is the creation and effective usage of buyer personas.

Why Your Company Needs to Create and Use Buyer Personas
A buyer persona is essentially a fictional character who represents your average or typical customer. Some businesses offer products or services that appeal to multiple market segments, so the creation of several personas may be necessary in some instances. When you incorporate narratives involving these well-defined personas into your marketing, you showcase how and why your products or services are essential or beneficial to your actual consumer.

In addition, through the development and usage of these personas, you may learn more about your target audience. After all, the creation of a successful persona involves more than just getting demographic details about who is buying your products. You also must understand why they need or prefer your products or services, what their pain points are, what obstacles you may need to overcome to promote a sale and more.

Keep in mind that negative personas may also be created and used beneficially. While a persona is a character that represents your ideal or typical consumer, a negative persona represents the traits of a customer who may not benefit from your products or services. Through the use of negative personas, you may help consumers better determine if your products or services are right for them before they go through the time and expense of making a purchase. Therefore, the use of personas may lead to a higher customer satisfaction rating.

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business
Depending on the products or services that your company offers and how large or small the niche is, you may only need to create one or two personas. Some businesses, however, may have a dozen personas or more. When you learn how to create buyer personas for your business, you must create and define very detailed characters. These should be multi-dimensional, and they need to seem as though they are real people. These are a few of the essential steps required to create new personas for your marketing efforts:
1. Analyze your customer base thus far. Look for trends in demographics, consumer reviews, product or service usage and more. This type of analysis often can be very in-depth and may take a significant amount of time and effort.
2. Identify trends and demographics for individuals who contact your company for more information and who fail to make a purchase.
3. Request feedback from your sales team. Your sales professionals are on the frontline, so they are a valuable source of information. You could even ask your sales team to conduct a short survey of each new lead who they interact with for a defined period of time.
4. Integrate this data into a well-rounded persona. The persona should clearly represent average demographic data, and it needs to have a believable backstory.
5. Create effective marketing campaigns that develop a persona carefully that effectively tells a story, and maintain this same story across all marketing platforms that you intend to use.

How We Work Closely with You to Achieve Exceptional Results
You understandably need to take full advantage of buyer personas in your marketing, but it can be frustrating and time-consuming to create even one well-rounded, successful persona. It may be even more challenging to fully develop additional personas. Because understanding how to create buyer personas for your business is essential to successful marketing campaigns, you do not have the luxury of trial and error. At Red Wagon, we take time to get to know more about your customers, products, services and company before we create a persona that can be incorporated into your marketing efforts. Through our services, the guesswork and stress associated with this task are eliminated. If you are interested in developing a buyer persona for your company’s marketing campaigns soon, contact us for assistance.