Paid Social Advertising

Paid social marketing rivals traditional search engine marketing as it allows us as marketers to target your audiences online based on personal information rather than contextual targeting. Can Facebook advertising work for you? Business’s marketing budgets have shifted to be 50/50 between Google/Facebook. If you’re not currently doing Facebook advertising then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to rapidly grow your business.

What is Paid Social Advertising?

Facebook allows you as an advertiser to target people based on life events, job title, interests, behaviors (including purchasing), habits and affinities and a whole lot more. We can even target your current clients, competitor’s clients or create a look a like audience. Whatever your business goal, Facebook has a role to play in dominating your competition and we are your secret weapon to unlocking that power.

What will Paid Social Do for My Business?

Paid social is known to get great results because Facebook provides a captive audience ready and eager to engage with content. If done right, Facebook advertising does drive low cost, extremely high-quality leads and sales.

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