Programmatic Advertising

The emergence of purchasing spots through digital formats has arrived. That’s exactly what programmatic advertising is. There is the traditional way of buying media which would be going direct and now we have programmatic advertising where we can buy media digitally. Many people like this because communication can be quicker. Estimations on reach and rates can be a much quicker process and programmatic can have different targeting options. Most notably is the data-driven automation of audience-based advertising transactions which offers a scientific approach to traditional media buying. We have harnessed several trusted partners to deliver you the very best in programmatic advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising

“Programmatic” ad buying refers to the use of software to assist in the purchasing of traditional advertising like television. In the old days, advertisers would have to call and negotiate rates with multiple inventory sellers. Although this is still done, programmatic advertising literally digitized the traditional buying process. This helps ensure less fallout, easier to strategize buys and streamlines the process to make it more effective for our clients.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Help My Business?

Programmatic advertising is an effective method to quickly analyze available ad spots, find relevant stations and compare and negotiate rates. It helps reduce the cost of traditional advertising so that all businesses of any size can participate and leverage its power.

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