Should you buy Instagram followers?

Should you buy Instagram followers?

Thinking about buying Instagram followers? It can be tempting to buy followers rather than putting in the effort to find followers naturally. It’s definitely cheap and you can also buy automatic likes for your posts.

But the truth is that, despite sites that claim you’re buying real and authentic followers, most of them are actually bot accounts. This can damage your company reputation in the long run. A real follower might get curious about who follows you and click on the list. Then they see accounts that have only one or two posts and illegitimate-sounding credentials in their profile. That inauthenticity sheds a harmful light on your business.

What’s worse, these bot and inactive accounts will never actually engage with your posts. You are essentially just paying for an impressive number. Bot accounts also won’t spread the word about your business in real life since they aren’t individuals who exist outside of Instagram.

Our advice is to grow your audience by earning it. Have genuine interactions with prospective clients or business partners. Make sure to make your account public so users can find you on their Explore page and by searching hashtags. Share, like, and comment on real posts. This kind of engagement takes more time, but it will build deeper and more lasting relationships with your user base.

Real users will see that the number of likes and comments on your posts are genuine and will be more likely to interact with you themselves. You will also get more accurate performance metrics when you run reports on your social engagement.

Remember that genuine social media interactions take time but the end result is worth it.