Contract with a Master Marketer instead of Hiring In-House Staff

Have you Considered Contracting a Master Marketer instead of Hiring In-House?

One of the most overlooked opportunities in growing your business is who you hire and trust to market your business. When staffing your marketing department you have a sea of marketers to fill your roles. But hiring an unknown marketing specialist, coordinator, manager or even director is risky?  Most people don’t think about the benefits and rewards that a contractor has over an employee. I’m all about being a straight shooter and I will give you the real truth behind the benefits of hiring a marketing professional in-house vs a contractor.

Types of Positions We Contract For

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing VP

Benefits of In-House vs Contractor?

If you are like me then you are all about the numbers. I use data to help me make the most informed decisions. Below are some key insights and facts about the benefits of choosing a contractor vs and in house staff member.

Benefits to using a contractor

  • You can define the length of engagement and scope of work without being obligated to financially carry any more liability than what the job/task calls for.
  • You can ramp up or scale down the usage of a contractor depending on your business’s specific needs.
  • Utilizing a contractor means less overhead and liability
  • Output of your projects is executed at a higher level because you are hiring a higher caliber resource
  • Results of  your campaigns are better because you are using a higher caliber resource
  • When an employee leaves, their knowledge and skill leaves with them. You always retain your knowledge with a contractor because you can retain a contractor even if there are no active projects.
  • You get less rookie mistakes because your contractor is a 20 year veteran

Scaleable Staffing Experience

For the business’s that are fiscally frugal, engaging with a contractor can drastically free up much needed operating revenue. For business’s who are in growth mode, a contractor can help you scale your business up and help you deliver amazing results while you are staffing down.

Lets break down some costs:

Contractor: Pay pre negotiated rate per month or by hour or by project

Employee: Forced to pay them monthly regardless of productivity or results.

Below are some additional line items of expense when hiring someone in house.

  1. Social security Tax
  2. State and Federal Tax
  3. Unemployment Insurance Tax
  4. Benefits like healthcare, Life Insurance, Vision, Dental, 401k etc
  5. Payroll / wage earnings
  6. Must provide employee with computer and other equipment
  7. Training
  8. Paid holidays and PTO


When you hire a contractor, you really get more for your money. All you end up paying for is:

  1. Fee for work performed

Marketing Specialist at $40k a year: Costs $3,333 monthly (doesn’t include additional costs outlined above)

Marketing Manager at $75k a year: Costs $6,250 a month  (doesn’t include additional costs outlined above)

Marketing Director at $95 a year: Costs $7,916.67 a month (doesn’t include additional costs outlined above)

Employers who hire our Marketing Expert will pay monthly fee’s less than that of a W2 employee.

Regardless of how many clients, your revenue position or particular need, a contractor can fulfill those needs with absolute precision while limiting your liability.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Joseph Whyte has over 20 years of marketing experience and has worked with fortune 500 clients and mid level enterprise corporations to SMB’s.  Joseph has the recognition of industry peers as a leader in the digital marketing space. He has been a writer in industry publications providing insights and advice to other marketers. In the early 2000’s Joseph was a SES and SMX reporter for search marketing standard magazine. He is a published author which works such as “Business Growth Hacking Secrets”, “Skyrocket your business using snapchat ads” and “The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads”.

He has mastered the funnel. He mastered MarTech. He’s mastered each tactic within digital and traditional. He is a secret weapon full of marketing strategies to drive leads and purchases for any business in any  vertical.



Experience and Success With Myriad of Verticals

Joseph Whyte has built several agencies and media departments which has allowed him access to a myriad of industries, campaigns, platforms, strategies and customer communication and positioning.

Some of the verticals worth mentioning can be found here.



Been There Done That

Hiring a master marketer gives you access to the legacy, history and experience of a cornucopia of situations. You never know what situation your business may fall into and having a seasoned vet who can help you navigate the way is a tremendous asset. Typically specialists, coordinators, managers and directors do not have the same acumen and breadth of experience that a master marketer has.

Deliver a Better Product

Because you have chosen to work with a master marketer you can sleep easier at night knowing that you have someone on your team who can deliver the best results possible. Not only that, you are actually getting a really good deal on the whole situation. Its a win-win!