Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Grants

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Grants

Non Profit Organizations Have A Huge Advertising Boost Available From Google Grants

What qualifying group couldn’t use non profit free money from Google? When we discovered Google AdWords grants, we immediately saw the opportunity to help non profits meet their goals. Google Ad Grants give $329 per day or about $10,000 per month of free advertising for all non profits who qualify for the program.

Eligibility Requirements of a Non Profit Organization for this Free Advertising Money

1) Must be in good standing with their country
2) Have a website that features great content
3) Join Google for Non Profits and agree to all of Google’s regulations and requirements

Government organizations, hospitals and medical care groups, childcare centers and other academic institutions such as universities and schools are ineligible for this non profit free money from Google.

A Successful Non Profit Food Bank Advertising Campaign

Our country’s food banks are so important, but many of them have a tough time. Operating a food bank entails a lot of hard work on a shoestring budget. One of these national food banks sought our services. They knew all the ins and outs of running a food bank and had done a pretty good job promoting their organization. They were doing great work, but the needs were almost overwhelming, and they had to pull in more donations. We went to work immediately and got to know who they were, what they had done, and what their goals were. We were eager to help this organization use non profit Google advertising and launched a successful advertising campaign. The campaign increased their online donations by more than $1M. That is a lot of money and a lot of food.

Increased Awareness to Fund-Raising Events

A non profit organization who conducted fund-raising events for a hospital were experiencing difficulty reaching their goals. They could not raise enough community awareness about the great work they were doing. Attendance at their events was lacking and fundraising was suffering. We were enthusiastic to help this great organization get back on their feet. Free advertising money from Google coupled with our unique and powerful media advertising expertise changed their event attendance. As a result, their sign-ups and donations soared.

Placement of Your Non Profit Ads

Non profit Google ads are text based that will show on Google search results pages below paid advertiser spots. Our goal is for your ads to show right below those paid ads.

Strict Advertising Standards When Applied By Red Wagon Equal Successful Campaigns

Strict standards apply for non profit Google advertising campaigns. Search engine optimization is critical in every campaign. Our company analyzes and develops organic high ranking keyword strategies that make sure your ads land right below the paid advertisers positions. With a few exceptions, Google grants do not allow most single keywords. With our experience in the media advertising business, the keywords chosen always sustain a quality score over 2. We know how to work with maximum conversion bidding so that your organization adheres to the $2 maximum. Red Wagon knows how to zero in precisely to your targets. We make certain you get the greatest value out of every dollar of your non profit advertising. We maintain a consistent click-through rate of over 5% and maintain specific ad groups and site link extensions that Google requires for non profit advertising.

Focus is King

Google knows the value of focus; therefore, the non profit Google ads program does not allow the distraction of Google Adsense Ads, affiliate ads, and other commercial advertising on your website. We make certain your valuable free advertising appears only in geographical areas where your organization has a presence.

Stretch Your Google Grants Budget with Red Wagon Ingenuity

Search engine optimization requires a high level of fluctuating marketing awareness whether promoting a well-known chain store brand or a struggling non profit organization. You know your goals and your mission. We all know every penny counts in the non profit business. The team at Red Wagon is a powerful digital marketing agency experienced in growing many businesses through the best advertising techniques. Google AdWords grants are a great gift, and Red Wagon is excited to help your organization get the most out of your precious advertising dollars. What would $329 USD of free advertising money do for your organization? This free advertising money is available in more than 50 countries.

There is a great need to educate the public about the great deeds non profit organizations contribute. Strategically targeted advertising with help from Google is making a difference. The compassionate and dedicated people working so hard in non profit organizations now have a gift available that can lighten the load. Google free advertising and Red Wagon’s ingenuity is a perfect match that will grow your non profit organization.