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Recently I posted over at talking about the effectiveness of video marketing and put together a pretty large list of video sharing sites for your marketing and viewing pleasure. However, I did not go into detail on any of the techniques I use for video marketing. Thinking about it, I realize that I probably should have done that then, but better late than never!


Here is a short overview on effective video marketing on YouTube.

The very first thing I do with a social media account (for me or for a client) on YouTube is to customize the account. To do this, simply go to My Account >> Channel Design. Here you can customize colors, choose fonts, add background images, etc. Under the “My Account” area you will be able to modify other important features, such as adding a link on your page via Channel URL or modifying your subscriptions. This is an important step for any social network because it gives you the sense of ownership to the community. Plus, it looks cool. :)

Take advantage of popular channels. The most important aspect in any type of marketing is maximum impressions and exposure. Given this, one goal is to add as many friends to your account as you possibly can as a result of posting videos.

One way to accomplish this is to stick with popular channels with a lot of subscribers. These type of subscribers tend to be people who are active on YouTube. By befriending them, you will start to build up a list of friends that goes beyond your initial niche.

The end results should look something like this:


As you can see, the friends that I have sent requests to have accepted and I am now ready to submit a video. Think about the following four things when you start making plans to submit a video.

1. What category you plan to submit your video to.
2. When (the time of day, day of the week, etc.) you are submitting the video.
3. How you plan to capture traffic.
4. Is the video cut or watermarked?

Once you submit the video, there is a secret weapon available for expanding the reach of your video, and it’s something that many people do not know about. In many cases, although you may already have a lot of subscribers to your video syndications, many people you sent friend requests to may not have actually subscribed to your channel yet. You can use the share video link found under each video you submit to target those people.


After you click on this link, a new window opens where you can specify who to share the video with via an email announcement of its posting.

youtube marketing

As you can see there is a checkbox that will send your video to ALL of your friends. This beats having to check each box … all 10,150 in this case right? lol.

Above all, do not abuse this “all friends” mass send. Do not send this out 100 times. Do not spam people with messages. I use this function once – at the time I submit a video. It is a system put in place by YouTube to simplify the process of notifying all your friends at once that you have uploaded a video. That is how I use it. If done correctly and wisely, you can start seeing movement within YouTube from this action.


I hope these techniques help with your efforts at video marketing. There will be more to come for other social video sharing sites soon.